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The DeNeatra Love Advertising Scholarship is an annual self-funded $1,500 scholarship awarded to Junior and Senior students enrolled at the College for Creative Studies. "We can either complain about the lack of diversity that's apparent in the advertising industry, or we can do something about it," has been my mantra since entering the industry almost 15 years ago. My version of "Doing Something About it" has manifested itself in a scholarship and mentoring program. The scholarship isn't designed to solve this huge issue in totality, but if it contributes to at least one more person of color entering the industry, it's done something. More importantly, the scholarship is just the catalyst to the mentorship program. Mentoring is how you really impact change and ensure young professional thrive in this ever-changing field. 

 Scholarship  Requirements:​

  • African American Junior or Senior (rising sophomores may also be considered)

  • 3.0 Cumulative GPA

  • Submit a 300 word or less essay detailing why advertising was the selected field of study

Scholarship: About Us
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